First meet-up at Ponce City Market

I rode up to Ponce City Market on the BeltLine for the first eBiker Atlanta meet-up. Unfortunately since this was the first one, we didn’t get a very big turnout, but I did spend some time chatting with folks on regular bikes and walking, about electric bikes and telling them about the site. Many people had never heard about electric bikes, so I was happy to spread the word about them. I also let them know that there are two shops (Mountain High Outfitters has some ebikes, and Edison Bicycles has bikes for sale inside Citizen Supply) where they could check out some bikes while they were at Ponce City Market. If you’re reading this, and your in the Atlanta GA area, I shoud mention that there’s also ElctroBike, who has a nice variety of models to choose from.

It was a beautiful day with perfect weather, and it was a great time to be out and about on the ebike. I snapped a few pics when there weren’t as many people around, and I’m happy to share a couple of them here with you.

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