About eBiker

We are huge fans of electric bikes and the potential for them to enable all people of all fitness levels and age, to enjoy riding a bike for transportation and recreation. The primary goal of eBiker is to create a community of fellow ebike riders and enthusiasts to get together and get the word out about electric bikes and all of their benefits through news, reviews, member stories, guides, etc.

About Matt, the founder of eBiker

Back in 2013, Matt Gilbert wanted a way to get out of the terrible Atlanta traffic, and to get some exercise on his daily commute to work and back. He knew a bicycle was the way to go, but he wanted something that could get him to work more quickly than driving, and arrive at work without needing to change and shower as soon as he got there. At that time, he found out about electrically assisted bikes – called ebikes – and began researching them for himself. After spending a lot of time reading through articles, blogs, and discussion forums, he gathered-up enough knowledge to build an ebike for himself.

Through much trial and tribulation, Matt figured-out what worked, and what didn’t, and his electric bike evolved and was perfected. After the first full season, his life was changed. He found he was in better shape, arrived at work more energized, and he discovered many wonderful things and people in the neighborhoods along his commute route. His life was changed forever, and he never looked back. Today, Matt’s lucky if he uses his car enough to use a tank of gas in a month. During the summer especially, he only gasses up the car two or three times the entire season (and summer is a long season in Atlanta, Georgia).

Matt wanted a way to connect with his fellow ebikers, to organize events, and share stories and pictures. The big social networks were just too crowded, noisy, and generalized to really be of interest to Matt, and the websites about non-assisted bicycles had communities that weren’t always friendly or welcoming to electric bikers. Luckily Matt has a background in computers and develops websites as a hobby, so he decided to “roll-his-own” and build a community that specifically caters to ebike riders and their interests.

About our community

eBiker.co is a safe place where all types of people, from all walks of life, can come together and share their interests in electric bikes. We have lots of ways you can share, from posting stories, statuses, and pictures, to discussion forums, interest groups, and events. There are lots of ways you can connect and share with other people who share your love of electric bikes.

eBiker is a friendly, helpful, and supportive environment

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