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Welcome to eBiker! This is an online community for folks who are into electric bicycles.

Whether you’re just ebike curious, or you’ve been building electric-powered bikes for years, this is the place for you. You can share your ebike experiences with your fellow electric bike riders here. By getting together and sharing in our common interest, all of our members can grow and enjoy their ebike community more. You can share your knowledge, learn new info, hear about electric biking news in your area, join real-world meet-ups and rides, share your photos, videos, and stories, and get tips and advice from your fellow riders.

Not sure what an ebike is? Wikipedia has a nice description to get you started.

About eBiker

eBiker was started to provide an online community where people who are interested in electric bicycles can get together and share their experiences.

Matt Gilbert — the founder of eBiker — felt that there should be an community focused on ebikes where riders could come together and share in their love of ebikes, just as there were for regular bicycles. Since one didn’t exist, he decided to build one himself. eBiker is a social network with a focus on groups and real-world events. It’s a place for electric bike riders and fans of ebikes to come together, discuss and learn, and to organize events in their local communities.

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The eBiker blog

On our main blog we share articles, advice, community announcements, open events, and site news with the public.

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eBiker Members features

Here are just some of the features we offer our community.

  • Events Calendar
    • Share and discover local events that focus on electric biking. Create group rides and get-togethers for the ebikers in your area.
  • Activity Stream
    • Quickly see what the other members of eBiker are up to. Share news and stories with the community.
  • Photo Galleries
    • Post photos of your bike, events, and the sights you see when traveling around your area.
  • Member Groups
    • Join your friends and neighbors in groups where you can discuss your shared special interests.